Leading Manufacturer of Laser Micrometers, Surface Variation Detectors, and Defect Markers

About Bigston Corporation

Bigston has been a service provider to the Electronics industry since 1972. From advanced web-based IT systems for tracking production and quality control to advanced on-board technical repairs, refurbishment, fulfillment, de-manufacturing, reverse engineering, and assembly, Bigston is a technology leader. Product capabilities include LCD (clean room panel repair), Digital Camera, Home Audio, Compact Stereo, Gaming, Car Stereo, Phones, Keyboards, GPS, Vacuums, Air Conditioners, Printers, POS, Desktop & Laptop PC, Projectors, Blu-ray, and Microwave Ovens.

With our long history and advanced knowledge in a wide range of electronic equipment, Bigston provides our customers exceptional service both on-site and remotely.

The Technical Service Team gives superior service to Takikawa's customers for setup, technical training, maintenance, calibration, and repair.

The Marketing Team is dedicated to assisting our customers in optimizing production efficiency and quality of their products, by finding the right variation and implementation of Takikawa's products.

The Call Center Team assists customers by providing successful and competent communication regarding information about our products, as well as solutions to technical issues.