Leading Manufacturer of Laser Micrometers, Surface Variation Detectors, and Defect Markers

Industry Applications and Solutions

During the process of extrusion, cable/wire/pipe/tubing can be easily scratched or deformed. Takikawa's laser micrometers and surface variation detectors ensure a quality product by precisely measuring diameter and inspecting the surface for defects. Feedback is provided to extrusion equipment or operator automatically. If a scratch is detected, this system alerts the operator and marks the product at the defect point.

Takikawa's line-up meets various customer requirements, measuring diameter from 20 microns to several meters. Multi-directional coaxial type micrometers provide more accurate measurements, while Swing type micrometers scan the entire circumference from all directions. There are also models available with separate emitter/receiver for locational flexibility. An outside diameter control unit provides feedback to the production machine to control diameter of products.

Electric Wire/CablePlastic/Steel PipeFiber Optic CableRubber Tubing

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